• Infection Prevention Strategies to Help Ensure Patient and Staff Safety

    Fundamentally, the concept and importance of infection prevention haven’t changed. However, the emerging pathogens present in today’s world – and tomorrow’s future - makes it imperative to change how the healthcare community conducts proper infection prevention, surface cleaning and disinfection. It starts with mindset – because healthcare and lives depend on it.Join Sharon Ward-Fore as she shares fresh approaches and science-based ideas on eliminating “the bad guys” - those worst of the worst pathogens that threaten staff and patient safety.
    1CE Credit

  • Inspiring Long-term Behavior Change Across IP and EVS Team

    How do you get multiple teams that work in the same environment to commit to identical infection prevention and control processes? Is the IPC process you think you have the one that the team is actually implementing? Kelley Boston, MPH, CIC, CPHQ, FAPIC will help you find the answers to these questions and share guidance on how to get back on the path to 100% teamwork. 1CE Credit

  • Everything You Need to Know about Disinfection and Material Compatibility

    Healthcare providers face increasingly hard-to-kill emerging pathogens that put patient and staff safety at risk. It’s crucial to identify cleaning agents that offer efficacy and fast kill-times to combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) without contributing to the degradation of medical equipment, devices and surfaces.Join James Chia and Jesiska Tandy of Metrex, as they discuss how to assess the material compatibility of disinfectants and make selection decisions. 1 CE Credit

  • The Chemistry of Disinfection: How the Metrex Team Created a Faster-Acting Surface Disinfectant

    As the healthcare industry continues to manage the exponential influx of patient traffic, Metrex is working quickly to respond to the changing needs and challenges stemming from the fight against healthcare-associated infections. Join Metrex’s in-house scientists to learn how they created the innovative chemistry formulation for CaviWipes 2.0 to deliver faster contact times, and stronger efficacy for a broad spectrum of pathogens while maintaining its ease of use.

  • Caring for Yourself and Your Family in Pandemic 2.0: How to Double-Down and Protect Against COVID Variants

    Having long passed the point of fatigue, adherence to mask-wearing and hygiene practices naturally begin to weaken. Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, ScD, advises organizations worldwide on stopping the spread of COVID and misinformation about the Pandemic.He is also devoted to helping healthcare professionals double down on self-care and personal protection as the COVID-19 Pandemic re-emerges due to variants. In this session, Dr. Fiegl-Ding will focus on how to take care of number one – you! He’ll also debunk rumors and myths about the Pandemic so you can make the right choices at home and at work to benefit you, your family and your patients.
    1 CE Credit

  • Panel Q&A: Emerging Viral Pathogens: How to Conquer them Now and In the Future

    The IPC community has become extremely familiar with the world’s current viral threat, yet others are sure to emerge in the future. The esteemed symposium speakers will come together for a lively Q&A discussion on problem-solving to mitigate risk in the presence of emerging viral pathogens. Join the panelists to learn how you can prepare for future pathogens that emerge. 1 CE Credit

  • MDRO - 醫療照護及其他領域日益嚴重的全球威脅

    具多重抗藥性細菌 (MDRO) 是全球醫療照護及其他領域日益嚴重的威脅。 即使在全球大流行之後,我們仍必須警惕這類威脅。 加入我們,一起討論這些生物體的危險性和影響,以及微生物抗藥性。

  • CaviWipes 2.0 - 新一代預防感染

    請加入我們的行列,一起在隨需網路研討會中認識全新推出的 CaviWipes 2.0! CaviWipes 2.0 是新一代的預防感染產品,可以有效對抗 42 種病原體,完全符合 EPA 的新興病毒病原體滅菌聲明。

  • 適當的表面消毒和清潔:如何使員工學會技能

    請加入我們的行列,一起討論在全球大流行期間員工如何學會技能,以及 COVID-19 以外的醫療照護經驗。 這場互動會議將討論如何銜接感染預防和醫療照護之間的差距,以及全新的 EVS (環境服務) 策略。

  • 疫情爆發準備 101

    加入感染預防專家 Sharon Ward-Fore 行列,聆聽她對療養院和急症照護環境的疫情爆發規程、監測的深入見解,以及常見問答集。 面對冠狀病毒的全球緊急威脅,保持冷靜、了解事前要採取的行動,以及判斷是否已經發生疫情爆發,至關重要。

  • 高強度消毒:下一次調查的策略

    為您的下一次調查做好準備。 了解調查人員在提到高強度消毒 (HLD) 時關注的重點,這是即將進行調查的關鍵焦點。 了解多種策略,確保讓部門能遵循器械說明文件和消毒相關指引,避免交叉引用。 加入我們的即時網路研討會,並向專家討教如何為下一次問卷調查做準備的有用指導。 觀看我們的隨選網路研討會並獲得 CE 學分!

  • 縮短緊急準備計劃中的差距

    聆聽產業專家 Terri Link 分享在面對全球大流行時,利用醫院資源、PPE 使用和優先順序指引的建議策略。

    2 個 CE 學分

  • 感染預防與環境服務 (EVS) 的共同合作

    加入 Asif Saiyed 行列,一起談論如何利用跨職能專業知識,克服我們在適應醫療照護環境新常態實務時所出現的挑戰。

    2 個 CE 學分

  • COVID19 對監測產生的影響

    跟著 Maureen Spencer 一起了解在全球大流行之前的一般監測模式,如今業界學到哪些經驗,以及監測發生哪些改變。

    2 個 CE 學分

  • Quat (四級銨化合物) 與高酒精配方的表面消毒劑

    四級銨化合物 (Quat) 是表面消毒劑中常見的低酒精配方,在這場網路研討會中,將會討論 Quat 的歷史,及其與高酒精成分配方表面消毒劑的區別。

  • 選擇正確的表面消毒劑

    聆聽如何為您的機構選擇正確的表面消毒劑。 選擇正確的化學物是決定相容性、功效和率能的關鍵。 Metrex 可以協助您找到合適的產品,以及如何正確使用濕巾系列的快速指南!

  • MetriCide OPA 在職 + HLD 教育

    深入了解高強度消毒,以及如何在您的機構中有效使用 MetriCide OPA Plus 消毒劑。
    注意:聯合委員會標準 IC.02.02.01 規定前線工作人員以及 HLD 流程監督人員必須具備基礎和持續增加技能,以及受過培訓。

  • 使用點前置清潔:了解事實

    獲取可預防感染之前置清潔的最佳實務及其對於器械所造成的影響。 根據 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)[1],使用時、有機會形成生物菌落之前、以及完整消毒之前,必須先進行前置清潔。