Solvay and Metrex collaborate on chemical resistance testing of widely used disinfectants in healthcare settings

Solvay offers a broad selection of high-performance polymers for medical devices and equipment, while Metrex’s disinfectants are widely used throughout the healthcare industry. The two companies jointly tested a variety of materials and disinfectants to demonstrate the compatibility of Solvay polymers with common disinfectants, including Metrex’s CaviWipes™, CaviWipes™ Bleach and CaviWipes™ 2.0. CaviWipes™ 2.0 is the latest surface disinfectant offering from Metrex and it  fully qualifies for the EPA’s rigorous Emerging Viral Pathogen Claimi. More information can be found here.

A summary of the complete test results is available to download from here.

Read the full press release here.  

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