Shipping and Storage Capabilities of Disinfectants, Precleaners, Sterilants, and Hand Hygiene products

Metrex products listed below are suitable for general shipping without controlled temperatures and storage at ambient temperatures found in healthcare environments. Shipping and natural disasters sometimes expose these products to extreme temperatures or conditions.

This communication is intended to provide some guidance relating to the use of our hard surface disinfectants, glutaraldehyde high level disinfectants, sterilants, and hand hygiene products and may be used to develop facility storage and emergency management plans. As such, the products listed below still perform as intended if frozen and allowed to thaw to room temperature.

Metrex takes these steps to assure the integrity of the product:

  • Expiration dates are printed on every point of use container. Batches are periodically tested to expiration at 25 deg. C.
  • Liquids and wipes are packaged in hermetically sealed containers to maintain content integrity.
  • Test strips are available for the glutaraldehyde products which confirm active ingredient content meets the minimum effective concentration prior to use.
CaviCide MetriCide OPA Plus Procide D-Plus
CaviWipes MetriCide Plus 30 Liquid Activator
CaviWipes1 MetriGuard Vionexus NRS
Empower MetriLube Vionex Pink Soap
Empower Foam MetriMist VioNexus Green Soap
Envirocide MetriWash VioNex Antimicrobial Hand Soap
MetriCide 14 Day MetriZyme VioNex No Rinse Gel
MetriCide 28 Procide D VioNex Towlette


Hai-Nam Nguyen

Product Manager

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